What happens when you collect Unemployment benefits while working?

Nοt mе, bυt I know someone thаt collected unemployment benefits whіlе working іn WI. Dοеѕ anyone know whаt happens??

thаt іѕ called fraud аnd уου саn gο tο jail fοr іt

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  1. BrownEyedGirl Says:

    that is called fraud and you can go to jail for it
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  2. Amy Says:

    the state gov will catch you if your getting a paycheck, via your ss#
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  3. stupid.liberals Says:

    They are committing a crime.

    I am not sure what the penalty is but I am sure it isn’t harsh enough.
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  4. footybearuk Says:

    someone reports you and you get into big trouble.
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  5. rhino_man420 Says:

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  6. icddppl Says:

    If they find out, they’ll have to pay it back! And they can trace it, so it’s not worth it!
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  7. deezpumpkin Says:

    you go to jail and then have to pay all the money back and pay a fine for being in jail….
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  8. mt06111 Says:

    Jail… I hope they get caught.
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  9. BigD Says:

    If discovered your ‘friend’ will have to pay the money back
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  10. Neddie Says:

    you have to pay back the money after you spend time in jail
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  11. Fool in the Rain Says:

    If the government catches it, and they do eventually, he/she will owe whatever amount they recieved back to the government.
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  12. marilynbear_2000 Says:

    That is fraud and you can go to prison for it.
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  13. redheadedtess Says:

    When you call in, you have to tell what you made. You may still receive part of the unemployment compensation.
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  14. ReeCee Says:

    if the government find out, they will have to pay ALL of the money back
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  15. fartswhenigiggle Says:

    You’ll be able to retire earlier than everyone else!!!!!
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  16. scubadiver50704 Says:

    If it is discovered, at a minimum the funds will have to paid back. This person could be charged with a felony embezzelment charge or something similar and face jail time if the dollars involved are significant enough.
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  17. peacfulwar Says:

    well, normaly when you go to file your taxes for that next year it most likely will come up. If it does you pay back the IRS what you owe. Its a headache, but hey!
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  18. natex14 Says:

    You can be arrested, but most people are just forced to pay it back with interest and penalties. It’s a really bad idea, because unless they are getting paid under the table, the government will find out.
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    As long they are getting paid under the table, it’s all good.
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  20. sejaybebo69 Says:

    if and when the gov’t finds out they investigate and sue you back for every penny plus there could be jail time involved for fruad….and it is legal in NY to work pt and still collect you are only allowed to work like 15 or 20 hours a week and still collect so make sure you know what you are doing before you do anything……Plus everyone who pays taxes for the a$$hole gets to punch them in their face…so I added the last part
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  21. Leogirl0804 Says:

    You can work while on Unemployment, but then your check amount is adjusted accordingly.
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  22. perfecttiming1 Says:

    Check with these folks:


    I bet they’ll be happy to speak with you about it.
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  23. TD Says:

    They call it fraud and your friend could end up in prison.
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  24. summera76 Says:

    They can get you for fraud and make you repay it all and then some but they’ll start with your tax check
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  25. o0oio0o Says:

    you will probably go to jail for abusing the system.

    which your friend should, people think it is money that comes out of their check so it is owed to them but in actuality, the money comes from tax payers, he is worse than the lazy asses that collect welfare because they dont want to work.

    i have to work for what little i have, so this kind of thing really distrubs me.

    dont let your friend meet me in a dark alley.
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  26. ead824 Says:

    Well first of all it is an offense which can include jail time and a fine. However if it was merely a last check from unemployment you will have to pay it back at the end of the year. If "your friend" is still collecting over the final week of getting the unemployment check there will be an investigation and more likely an audit of that persons work history. Don’t fool around with Federal Money.
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  27. Meg Says:

    If they get caught they will have to pay back the money they collected from Unemployment, there will also probably be a fine and jail time.
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  28. Lady Says:

    It is against the law, you can have some work and get unemployment benefits but you have delcare the amount you have worked and where to the Unemployment office. If you get paid and they use your social security number that might alert the Unemployment agency and they may first just want money back but if you were doing something more than just a few hours of work you can go to jail. Likely they will only want restitution, because the money to prosicute you will be way more than the money that you received.
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  29. john p Says:

    they’ll have to pay it back
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  30. t B Says:

    you lose benefits for a year
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  31. tony r Says:

    I collect unemployment and I work 2 jobs in Wisconsin as long as you do not work 40 hours or more you are eligble for unemplyoment benefits all you have to do is call the 800 number or visit the website not all cases are the same but this is true for most
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  32. smudgeward Says:

    In the UK it’s called ducking and diving and you might have to pay it back if you get caught.
    In practice if you can’t live on benefits and you can’t live by work it makes sense but ironically it exasperates people who get paid plenty and have no empathy or ability to see past the moral dilemma to the practical position that these people are in. Of course that’s not to justify abuse but you can’t admit to working for employers who don’t pay taxes anyway, how would you show you are supporting yourself w. out benefits. Catch 22 all the way through the system.
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  33. trc_6111 Says:

    It is possible, at least here in Texas, to work while claiming unemployment benefits. You have to declare the amount of money you’ve made, and they typically subtract that from the amount paid that week. I am not familiar with Wisconsin law, you should check with the state employment commission to see if a crime was in fact committed…
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  34. gebonx Says:

    o o , its too bad.
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  35. sheboyganvet Says:

    Used to be you could be ""ASKED"" to repay any and all unemployment you had received.
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